About Stephanie Knipper

Stephanie was born and raised in Kentucky where her love of books began at a young age.  Her mother fostered that love with weekly trips to the library.  Though they struggled financially, Stephanie's mother always made sure she had books.  At the same time, Stephanie's father began cultivating her love of the land.  He taught her the best time to harvest blueberries and which plants tolerated the thick Kentucky soil.  

Stephanie's twin loves of literature and land would shape her life.  She went on to major in English at Northern Kentucky University (later earning her Master's degree from the same university), and she studied to become a Master Gardener.  

The Peculiar Miracles of Antoinette Martin ​ is Stephanie's debut novel.  The title character, a young non-verbal girl, was inspired by Stephanie's daughter, Grace.  Stephanie and her husband adopted Grace from China in 2005 unaware that she had several severe special needs.  

Stephanie lives in Kentucky with her husband and six children, five of whom were adopted from China with various special needs.  She is currently at work on her second novel.  

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